Let’s Face It PPE PODCAST | Episode 5 – Elan Thomas, Kinectrics Labs

Our next guest is Elan Thomas, who is the director of Corporate relations at Kinectrics laboratories in Toronto, Ontario. If you have not heard of Kinectrics Laboratories up until this point, let me tell you about them. Kinectrics have been working in the certification and testing of a variety of things since 1912.

They are a company with 1200 employees. The list of things this company certifies is quite remarkable… Nuclear Parts, Inspection and Tooling Systems, Transmission and Distribution, Design Engineering, Materials and Major Components, Safety and Licensing, Station Chemistry and Waste, and Project Management. This past year they have been extremely busy testing a number of things related to PPE. Including, testing the raw materials used in surgical masks and helping to determine what’s a suitable respirator among other things that must live up to strict international standards. Where would we be without these wonderful people keeping us safe from harm? Please welcome Elan Thomas to the podcast. https://www.linkedin.com/in/elan-thomas-a230a3a/ https://www.kinectrics.com/pages/home.aspx