Consensus 2023, Austin TX

The Consensus Conference 2023, held at the Austin Convention Center, Texas, was an incredible experience that brought together some of the brightest minds in the industry. From May 26-28, attendees were treated to cutting-edge presentations and discussions on the latest technologies and trends in the field. One World Media hit the floor running with our cameras rolling to capture as many companies as possible for our Fin-Tech World YouTube Channel.

This trip was the second time One World Media attended Consensus, which certainly didn’t disappoint. The weather in Austin was mild, and, on the inside, the conference was a well-organized and professionally run event that exceeded all expectations.  

The keynote speakers were highly knowledgeable and provided insightful perspectives on the industry’s current state.   A few notable names among the impressive roster were Cynthia Lummis, U.S. Senator, WY – U.S. Senate, Edward Snowden, President – Freedom of the Press Foundation, The Honourable Philip Davis, Prime Minister of The Commonwealth The Bahamas, and if you blinked, you might have missed it but, self- proclaimed “CRYPTO TROUBLEMAKER” Actor – William Shatner was also on-site to everyone’s delight. 

The panels and workshops were engaging and interactive, allowing participants to ask questions and engage in stimulating discussions.  As we made our way around, we were happy to see the captivated audience in front of the “Women Who Web3 Lounge”, a stage and platform to connect with like-minded women in the industry and participate in programming designed to empower and educate women in the Web3 space.  

The conference provides networking opportunities. Attendees could connect with like-minded professionals from different fields, exchange ideas, and forge valuable connections. Who would be at Consensus in 2023? The year was rough for the Crypto industry, with the FTX collapse and the NFT space seemingly vaporized. 

So that all being said, it was lighter attendance with a noticeably more spread-out expo floor to accommodate the fewer than usual vendors. There was no sign of more prominent players like Binance, Kraken or Meta Mask,  to name a few. 

However, this was all good news, because the hype-driven enthusiasts were gone this year. What remained were the purists of the industry and the true visionaries of the technology who were there for the right reason.  We were thrilled to meet Tyler from Horizen. And learn Horizen is powered by the most robust and secure public infrastructure enhanced with multiple security layers. We had a great chat with Phil from WAEV, The Protocol for Trustless Data Exchange.  And it was our pleasure to get acquainted with Adam and Jim from Bitwave. Bitwave combines tax and accounting capabilities with workflow and process expertise, allowing enterprises to survive and thrive in the financial revolution made possible by cryptocurrency.

As we shuffled around to each of the private events during the evenings, anyone I mentioned this observation agreed wholeheartedly and said the quality of their conversations was a welcome exchange for the lighter audience. It was a better show for it. 

The conference has always been an excellent platform for showcasing new products and services, and attendees can get hands-on experience with the latest technologies and innovations. In addition, we asked several companies how they survived or adapted to the value of Bitcoin falling and the different place we are today compared to last year. 

I was surprised most of them felt agnostic to any perceived threat. The future is bright for the blockchain, and the tech will flourish. We met dozens of new companies, excited to launch new ideas to the receptive crowds at Consensus in Austin.  

The Austin Convention Center provided the perfect backdrop for the conference, with its state-of-the-art facilities and convenient location. The staff was friendly and helpful; everything was well-organized and easy to navigate.

Overall, the Consensus Conference 2023 was an outstanding event that provided valuable insights, networking opportunities, and a platform for showcasing the latest technologies. I highly recommend this conference to anyone in the industry and look forward to attending future events.

We want to thank the staff and team at Consensus for the incredible hospitality and look forward to next year.  Stay tuned as we roll out several videos from this wonderful week. 

Thanks from our entire team at One World Media 

Sean McKay – Editor & Chief | One World Media Inc
Tony Lawand – Producer | Co-Host
Harry He – Producer | Camera