VERUS – Community-Driven Blockchain with Mike Toutonghi | Consensus 2024

In this exclusive interview from Consensus 2024, Tony Lawand from One World Media chats with Will O’Donnell and Mike Toutonghi from the Verus Project. Discover how Verus is revolutionizing the blockchain world with its unique, community-driven approach. Learn about the origins of Verus, its decentralized vision inspired by Satoshi’s dream, and the impressive credentials of its lead developer, Mike Toutonghi , a former Vice President and Technical Fellow at Microsoft.

– (0:00) Introduction and overview of the Verus Project
– (0:37) Community-driven approach and lack of corporate funding
– (2:31) Unique features of Verus, including CPU mining and proof of power
– (5:02) Environmental benefits and global inclusivity of Verus
– (7:02) Mike Toutonghi’s background and contributions to Verus
– (10:04) Vision for decentralized consensus and self-sovereign identities
– (14:16) Regulation and human rights considerations
– (15:26) Potential use cases and scalability of Verus
– (17:31) Real-world applications and the first Verus purchase
– (20:50) Closing remarks and contact information

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