The INNERface Media Corporation
420 -46th Avenue East
Vancouver, BC
V5W 1Z9

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Our Team & Ground Crew

Sean McKay – Editor & Chief | Host 
Tony Lawand – Producer | Co-Host
Richard Kern – Producer 
Harry He – Camera | Tech
Ray Serion – Executive Producer

About The INNERface Media Corporation

The INNERface Media was formed in 2011 around an interest in digital marketing and the influence of the Web 2.0. It has since evolved through a range of interests that included entertainment to special events and, expanded its clientele to include the health & wellness sector and the financial sector or Fin-tech involving, crypto currency, blockchain technologies and more.

The INNERface Media Corporation can be broken down into two primary functions. One camp, is that of an independent creator of digital content and a producer of inspired work, meant to motivate a particular audience by design. The second camp, is the digital marketing service packages rendered to a customer base of clients via our INNERface Digital platform.  

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