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Collision After Dark 2024 Highlight Reel 4K | Fintech World with host Tony Lawand

We sent our correspondent Tony Lawand to the Collision After Parties at Collision 2024. Needless to say, he had a blast, and here is the proof. Enjoy this highlight reel of our fantastic experience with the bright minds at Collision 2024. Thanks to all the wonderful hosts for the hospitality and good vibes. This highlight […]

Collision Conference Toronto 2024 Highlight Reel – A Glimpse into Innovation

The video “Collision Conference Toronto 2024 Highlight Reel—Fintech World hosted by Tony Lawand” provides an exciting look into the highlights of the Collision 2024 conference held in Toronto. Hosted by Tony Lawand, the video showcases an array of startups, investors, and companies participating in this vibrant event. With 38,000 attendees, the conference buzzed with innovation […]

ON THE FLOOR MONEY 2020 | Part 2 – The Interviews

The INNERface Media presents, “FinTech World”.  A series that will explore the fascinating world of digital finance and the new era of fintech. The once underground and precarious notion of digital money has grown with the popularity of cryptocurrency. It has become a full-on rush of excitement as the mainstream world engages its brilliance. We’ll talk to […]